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How do I setup Edcast to stream live?

You can use Edcast to live stream from your computer.

  1. Download the installer from here
  2. Save and install to C:\Program Files\edcast
    • you will need to select the LAME MP3 encoder
    • select MP3 Lame bundle from the page that opens when the installer prompts for this
    • the software will install and open this web page:
    • select LAME bundles and select the latest version
    • open the zip folder and move the lame_enc.dll file to the Edcast folder in C:\Program Files
    • it will prompt you to install Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable, go ahead and install that
  3. Run the Edcast program and click the Add Encoder button
  4. Right click on the new encoder it adds under Encoder Settings and click Configure
  5. Under basic settings, select the following:
    • bitrate - equal or less than 128kbps
    • sample rate - this will almost always be 44100
    • channels - 2 unless you are doing mono
    • encoder type - mp3 lame
    • server type - Icecast2 or Shoutcast depending on your package
    • server ip - specified in Centova*
    • server port - specified in Centova*
    • encoder password - specified in Centova*
    • mountpoint - specified in Centova*
  6. Click on the YP Setting tab and enter your stream information - this is how listeners will see your stream in the streaming directories
  7. Click OK to get back to the main screen
  8. Check the box to AutoConnect - You will see your audio in the VU meters on the top and your transfer rate next to the encoder
  9. Click the Disconnect button when you are finished with your live broadcast

* (from the main Centova Cast Dashboard go to Quick Links and then look in the section called Live Source Connections)