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How do I setup Butt to stream live?

This software would be used to broadcast live from your location.

  1. Download the installer from here
  2. Run the Butt program and go to the Settings button on the right
  3. Under Main, select the following:
    • Audio Device - which sound card you want the encoder to listen to for audio
    • Server - click Add and enter the information from your Centova setup (from the main Centova Cast Dashboard go to Quick Links and then look in the section called Live Source Connections)
      • select if you have a SHOUTcast or Icecast package
      • enter a name (this is just for you to recongize the settings, it doesn't affect the stream or Centova)
      • address - from Centova
      • port - from Centova
      • password - from Centova
      • mountpoint - from Centova - only needed with an Icecast package
      • click Save
    • Stream Infos - click Add - this is the info about your stream that listeners will see in directories - then Save.
    • Check the box for Connect at Startup
    • Click Save Settings
  4. Under Stream, select the following:
    • bitrate - equal or less than 128kbps
    • samplerate - this will almost always be 44100Hz
    • channel - stereo
    • codec - mp3
  5. When this is all setup, go back to the main encoder window
  6. Click on the play button to start streaming - You will see your audio in the VU meter dots on the top and your status in the scrolling text at the bottom
  7. Click the Stop button when you are finished with your live broadcast